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About Us

Who we are:

A company composed of former employees of Bridgeport Machines Inc. Together we have many decades of experience producing the original Bridgeport Milling Machine. Our company is the sole manufacturer of the Bridgeport 2J Milling Head, the Bridgeport X axis power feed and the X, Y, Z axis acme feed screws that all go into the new Bridgeports produced in the USA by
Hardinge, Inc. of Elmira, NY.

Read about how:

Hardinge, Inc. took over production of the famous Series I Bridgeport and produced new machines in record time. Machine Builders of New England is a major part of the process and is working with Hardinge to offer a quality product. The following link is an article as published in American Machinist which describes how all of this came about.


What we can offer you:

Re-manufacture your Bridgeport 2J Mill Complete.
This exhaustive re-manufacturing process "from the base to spindle" will restore your Bridgeport to meet new machine performance and geometric specifications.The work on your machine will include but not limited to:
  • Grinding and hand scraping of machine ways.
  • Refit or replace, as required, table, saddle and knee gibs.
  • Apply chrome to knee and saddle ways.
  • Replacement of X, Y, Z acme feed screws and nuts.
  • Re-manufacture of the 2J head. This will include the following:
  • Refit a new quill to your honed J housing.
  • Replace all head drive belts and bearings.
  • All out of spec parts in the vari drive assembly will be replaced.
  • The spindle R8 collet seat will be reground on its new spindle bearings.
  • Finally, the whole machine will get a new Bridgeport Gray paint job.

Re-manufacture your Bridgeport 2J Head only.
This work is the same as what we accomplish for the 2J head in the complete machine re-manufacture process. It is a good option for the machine that has problems with the head but the rest of the machine is still in good condition.

Contact Information:

Machine Builders of New England, LLC
Leon Tyrrell, Owner
Toll free 1-800-526-7487